Enlarged Image of 'Myobacteria leprae'

Myobacteria leprae

Leprosy Bacteria

Key: Present No Data Absent
Approx. Scale:
Islands: enlarged approx. 4x
Island Status
Penrhyn Tongareva XQe  ?1 
Rakahanga XQe   
Manihiki XQe  ?1 
Pukapuka XQe  ?1 
Nassau XQe  ?1 
Palmerston XQe  ?1 
Aitutaki XQe  ?1 
Miti‘āro XQe  ?1 
‘Ātiu XQe  ?1 
Ma‘uke XQe  ?1 
Rarotonga XQe  ?1 
Mangaia XQe  ?1 
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No Data Absent
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