Enlarged Image of 'Anous stolidus'

Anous stolidus

Brown Noddy


Key: Present No Data Absent
Approx. Scale:
Islands: enlarged approx. 4x
Island Status
Penrhyn Tongareva ++++  Ngōio 
Rakahanga ++?   
Manihiki ++?  Ngōio 
Pukapuka ++++  Ngongo 
Nassau ++?  Ngongo 
Suwarrow ++?   
Palmerston ++?  Ngōio 
Aitutaki ++?  Ngōio 
Manuae ++?   
Miti‘āro ++?  Ngōio 
‘Ātiu ++  Ngōio 
Takūtea ++?   
Ma‘uke ++?  Ngōio 
Rarotonga +++  Ngōio 
Mangaia ++?  Ngōio 
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