Cook Islands Biodiversity & Natural Heritage
Cook Islands Biodiversity & Natural Heritage

About the Trust

The Project is a programme of the Cook Islands Government: a) to collect and integrate scientific and traditional information on local plants and animals; and b) to preserve such information, and make it available to the general public.

The Natural Heritage Project was initiated by Sir Geoffrey Henry within his Prime Minister's Department in 1990. The Project moved into the Natural Heritage Trust when it was established in 1999 by an Act of Parliament.

We thank the many overseas scientific experts and the resident traditional knowledge experts for their generous support.

The primary funding for the Project and its database is from the Cook Islands Government. In addition, there has been essential funding from NZAID, SDC, Bishop Museum, PBIN, GEF, and UNDP. We thank these organisations for their generous support.

The Project has a permanent research staff of one.


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