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The Cook Islands Biodiversity Database & Website is a work in progress and has been under development for more than 20 years. Many people have contributed great amounts of time and effort to add information, new species, and multimedia.

To acknowledge this effort, we ask that you follow the use guidelines below and respect the copyright where applicable.

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Images, Multimedia and Text Information

Personal and Educational Use
You are welcome to use our images and multimedia for your personal and/or educational use. If you use our images or multimedia on a personal/educational website, we would appreciate a link back to this site. Please respect the copyright of the images by not removing or editing copyright notices.

Commercial Use
If you intend to use a significant number of images (20+) or multimedia items from this site for commercial projects (including websites and publications), please contact us by e-mail to discuss a fair-use agreement.

Articles and Other Information Texts

If you wish to copy text from articles or other information texts (such as the Cook Islands information texts) from this site, please use the citation information at the bottom of the article or page.

Website Design, Code and Graphics

You are welcome to view and use the scripts and other code from this website if you find them useful. Some of the scripts have been developed by other developers, so check the files for terms of use. Because this site aims to provide a unique design and identity, we ask that you do not use the design graphics from this site.


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Copyright & Use Policy