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General Information

  • What is the recommended screen resolution for the site?
  • I found a bug (of the programming type) in the database. Who can I contact?
  • What other requirements are there to make full use of the site?
  • What browser should I use to view the site?

Searching the Database

  • How do I perform a basic search for a particular species?
  • I did not expect Sorry, no records were found....
  • What languages can I search in?
  • How do I search in one language only?
  • How do I input special characters, such as ā?
  • How do I perform an advanced search?
  • How can I search for a group of related species?
  • How do I search for species from a certain island?
  • How do I find the ‘Ātiu names for ‘Ātiu birds?
  • How can I find species of a certain orgin, such as endemic, native, or introduced?
  • Can I search for species from a certain habitat?
  • How can I find species that have images, sound or video clips?

Displaying Search Results

  • How do I see the names I searched for in the Results Page?
  • What does QQ mean after a Latin name?
  • How do I make a dictionary of ‘Ātiu names for ‘Ātiu birds?

Viewing Species Information (Species Card)

  • (Help information not entered yet)

Using the Māori Dictionaries

  • How do I do a basic search?
  • How do I search for Māori words with macrons and glottals?
  • The definition or example should is mistaken and need correcting
  • What is the categories menu for?

Using the Bibliographic Database

  • (Help information not entered yet)

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