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Cook Islands Biodiversity Database - a case study

By Gerald McCormack (posted 11/03/2006)

The Cook Islands Biodiversity Database on this website was presented as a case study at the 8th Conference of the Parties to the CBD (Curitiba, Brazil, 20-31 March 2006). It was presented in relation to the CBD's proposed Island Biodiversity programme of work, and its Global Taxonomic Initiative (GTI).

The case study described the main features of the database (Section 1), some of the technical challenges and solutions (Section 2), and identified the present challenges (Section 3).

The case study is provided here as a .pdf file (870KB). Click here to download.

Based on the hardcopy provided at COP 8, Curitiba, Brazil, 20-31 March 2006

About Gerald McCormack

Gerald McCormack has worked for the Cook Islands Government since 1980. In 1990 he became the director and researcher for the Cook Islands Natural Heritage Project - a Trust since 1999. He is the lead developer of the Biodiversity Database, which is based on information from local and overseas experts, fieldwork and library research. He is an accomplished photographer.

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