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Dengue and Mosquito Control on Rarotonga

By Gerald McCormack (posted 6/11/2007)

 A PDF article. Part ONE "The disease and the mosquitoes" provides information on the illness, the viruses, the mosquitoes, the epidemics on Rarotonga to October 2007, and how epidemics start and finish. Part TWO "Managing dengue-spreading mosquitoes" provides information on controlling larvae and adults. The use of Reslin, a pyrethroid insecticide, has been much debated. Information is provided on pyrethroid toxicity and carcinogenicity, before the health and environment threats of using Reslin as a ULV spray are evaluated.

The pdf file is 597KB. Click here to download.

Also published in the Cook Islands News.

About Gerald McCormack

Gerald McCormack has worked for the Cook Islands Government since 1980. In 1990 he became the director and researcher for the Cook Islands Natural Heritage Project - a Trust since 1999. He is the lead developer of the Biodiversity Database, which is based on information from local and overseas experts, fieldwork and library research. He is an accomplished photographer.

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