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Caranx melampygus


Bluefin Trevally

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General Information

COMMON NAMES: Bluefin Trevally, Bluefin Jack; German Blauflossen-Makrele; French Carangue Bleue, Carangue Étoilé, Carangue à Anale Noire, Carangue Aile Bleue

TRADITIONAL NAMES: Titi‘ara / Kōkōkina < Titi‘ara < Urua (RR), Riporipo < Titi‘ara (MG), Ruporupo < Rupo < Tapauru < Urua (AT), Ruporupo < Rupo < Tapauru < Pa‘o Urua < Urua (MK), Tapa‘uru / Riporipo < Tapa‘uru < Pa‘o < Urua (MT), Pāoa Pūtārau / Riporipo < Ripo Pāoa < Pāoa < Tuatao < Taupoko < Urua (AK), Titiara / Ashiu (PL), Ulua (TS), Urua (TW), Haheu (MH RK), Āyeu / Lupo < Lupolupo < Āyeu < Kawutea (PK); Other Polynesian - Paaihere (TAH), Paruku (TUA), Tahara (MQA); COMMENT: Rarotonga: Titi‘ara and Tītī‘ara both said (Tuti Taringa 98); Aitutaki: five sizes - Ripo Paoa (to 15cm) < Paoa (to 30cm) < Tuatau < Taupoko < Urua.

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION: NATIVE e.Africa - Ducie, Hawai‘i - tropical America; n. to s.Japan; s. to Norfolk

COOK ISLANDS STATUS: Native; PLUS: N.Group lagoons, common. S.Group, outer slope, uncommon.; Marine, near-shore

KEY FEATURES: To 90cm SL, depth ~2.5 in SL. Greenish-blue above, silvery-green below; darkening with age; tiny blue or black spots on uppersides, increasing with age. To subadult fins pale, except Pectoral yellow; Adults 2nd Dorsal, Anal and Tail bright blue, Pectoral yellow or blue. Breast completely scaled. GENUS CARANX: upper jaw row of canines and band of find teeth, lower jaw row of canines only; large scutes; CARANX+CARANGOIDES: without finlets; Pectoral long and curved; 2nd Dorsal and Anal with anterior lobe; tail long lobed.

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Cook Islands Distribution

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Southern Group: Present    Makatea:

Northern Group: Present

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Scientific Taxonomy

Caranx melampygus Cuvier, 1833
TAXONOMY: ANIMALIA; CHORDATA; GNATHOSTOMATA (Jawed Vertebrates); PISCES; OSTEICHTHYES; Perciformes; Percoidei; Percoidea; CARANGIDAE, Caranginae

More Information

GENERAL NOTE: Trevally (also Trevalley, Trevalli and Trevale) is an Australasian name. It is a corruption of Cavally which is derived from the Spanish Cavalla, meaning mackerel. The Trevally family was formerly called the horse-mackerels or scads. [OED]

Vouchers & References

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Special Reference: Smith-Vaniz 1984, Carangidae. in FAO Species ID sheets. Area 51 vol.1.

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