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Lutjanus bohar


Red Snapper

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General Information

COMMON NAMES: Red Snapper, Red Mumea, Red Bass, Twinspot Snapper, Two-spot Snapper; German Doppelfleck-Schnapper; French Vivaneau Chien Rouge, Lutjan Rouge

TRADITIONAL NAMES: Angamea (RR AT PL), Tangau < Angamea (MG), Tākiriva < Angamea < Tukutuku Tata (MK), Angamea / Angamea < Tuputata (MT), ‘Angamea (AK), Hangamea (TS TW), Wanga / Taeawanga < Wanga (PK); Other Polynesian - Haamea (TAH)

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION: NATIVE e.Africa - Marquesas; n. to s.Japan; s. to Lord Howe

COOK ISLANDS STATUS: Native; S.Group - rare; N.Group - common; Marine, near-shore; 5-150+ metres

SIGNIFICANCE LIST: Food fish; commonly ciguatoxic

KEY FEATURES: To 75cm and 15kg. Brown to reddish-brown on the upper parts, changing to reddish-tan ventrally; fins backish-red. After being taken from the water they turn bright salmon-red. The juveniles (to 20cm) gray with two pale spots below the Dorsal fin. Matures at 45cm.

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Cook Islands Distribution

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Southern Group: Present    Makatea:

Northern Group: Present

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Pests & Hosts

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Toxic - ciguateric Homo sapiens

Scientific Taxonomy

Lutjanus bohar (Forsskål, 1775)
SYNONYMS: Sciaena bohar [O]

TAXONOMY: ANIMALIA; CHORDATA; GNATHOSTOMATA (Jawed Vertebrates); PISCES; OSTEICHTHYES; Perciformes; Percoidei; Percoidea; LUTJANIDAE, Lutjaninae

More Information

GENERAL NOTE: The most frequently ciguatoxic fish in the Indo-Pacific.

Vouchers & References

Cooks: Allen 1985, FAO Fish. Synop. #125 (v.6). Rarotonga: 3 repeated sightings N.Sims (Sims88). Palmerston: Photo18 (G&S85); listed (Preston95). Tongareva: listed in T&P85. Pukapuka: fieldspecimen+photo, 3/2004, K.Salisbury with ID as Lutjanus bohar, confirmed from photo G.McCormack 12/2004. Suwarrow: Photo18 (G&S85).

Special Reference: Allen 1985, FAO Fish. Synop. Snappers of the World... #125 (v.6).

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