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Trachinotus baillonii

Rai (NGA)

Smallspotted Pompano

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General Information

COMMON NAMES: Smallspotted Pompano, Black-spotted Dart, Smallspot Pompano, Silver Pompano; German Flecken-Pompano; French Poisson-manège, Trachnote à Points Noirs, Pompaneau Muscadin

TRADITIONAL NAMES: Ra‘i (MG), Rai (AT MK MT), Ririona (AK), Kaoke (PL), Soke (TS TW), Kahoke (MH), Yoke (PK); Other Polynesian - Papio (TAH), Hoka (TUA), Hoki (MQA)

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION: NATIVE e.Africa - Tuamotus; n. s.Japan; s. to Lord Howe - Rapa

COOK ISLANDS STATUS: Native; Native, common PLUS: Both Groups.; Marine, near-shore, reef-flat & outer reef-slope, especially surge zones

KEY FEATURES: To 55cm SL, Depth ~2.5 in SL. Silvery-grey above and silvery-white below; without scutes on hind lateral line; Pectoral Fin shorter than head length; and long lobes on 2nd Dorsal, Anal and tail. BY 15CM SL HAVE 1-5 SMALL BLACK SPOTS (~Ø of pupil) IN ROW ON OR NEAR STRAIGHT SECTION OF LATERAL LINE. 1st Dorsal spines short without membranes. 2nd Dorsal and Anal with long anterior lobes; 2nd Dorsal, Anal and Tail grey, darkest on the lobes.

SIMILAR SPECIES: Silver Pompano (Trachinotus blochii) has a rounded snout; less Gill Rakers to 18 (vs. 22+); large adults yellow-orange below; without black spots (vs 0-5 spots, increasing with age). Not confirmed in Cook Islands.

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Cook Islands Distribution

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Southern Group: Present    Makatea:

Northern Group: Present

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Scientific Taxonomy

Trachinotus baillonii (Lacepède, 1802)
SYNONYMS: Caesiomorus baillonii [O]; Trachynotus baillonii

TAXONOMY: ANIMALIA; CHORDATA; GNATHOSTOMATA (Jawed Vertebrates); PISCES; OSTEICHTHYES; Perciformes; Percoidei; Percoidea; CARANGIDAE, Trachinotinae

Vouchers & References

Cooks: Smith-Vaniz 1984, Carangidae. in FAO Species ID sheets. Area 51 vol.1. Mangaia: specimen, College, 9/2000, ID GMcC. Atiu: field-specimen, College collection, 10/2000, ID GMcC. Mauke: fieldspecimen, ONE black spot, College, ID GMcC. Palmerston: specimen & photo Sims (Sims88), also listed (Preston95). Pukapuka: fieldspecimen+photo, 2/2004, G.McCormack with ID as Trachinotus baillonii.

Special Reference: Smith-Vaniz 1984, Carangidae. in FAO Species ID sheets. Area 51 vol.1.

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