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Enlarged Image of 'Balistapus undulatus'

Balistapus undulatus
Orangestriped Triggerfish
Kōkiri Tavake (AT)

Enlarged Image of 'Balistoides conspicullum'

Balistoides conspicullum
Clown Triggerfish

Enlarged Image of 'Balistoides viridescens'

Balistoides viridescens
Moustache Triggerfish
Kōkiri Tua (AK)

Enlarged Image of 'Canthidermis maculatus'

Canthidermis maculatus
Rough Triggerfish

Enlarged Image of 'Melichthys niger'

Melichthys niger
Black Triggerfish
Kōkiri Kerekere (MK)

Enlarged Image of 'Melichthys vidua'

Melichthys vidua
Pinktail Triggerfish
Kōkiri Iku-tea

Enlarged Image of 'Odonus niger'

Odonus niger
Redtooth Triggerfish

Enlarged Image of 'Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus'

Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus
Yellowmargin Triggerfish
Molokuo (PK)

Enlarged Image of 'Pseudobalistes fuscus'

Pseudobalistes fuscus
Blue Triggerfish

Enlarged Image of 'Rhinecanthus aculeatus'

Rhinecanthus aculeatus
Picasso Triggerfish
Kōkiri Toka

Enlarged Image of 'Rhinecanthus lunula'

Rhinecanthus lunula
Halfmoon Picassofish

Enlarged Image of 'Rhinecanthus rectangulus'

Rhinecanthus rectangulus
Wedge Picassofish
Kōkiri Tua

Enlarged Image of 'Sufflamen bursa'

Sufflamen bursa
Scythe Triggerfish
Kōkiri Humu (MH)

Enlarged Image of 'Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus'

Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus
Bluelined Triggerfish

Enlarged Image of 'Xanthichthys mento'

Xanthichthys mento
Crosshatch Triggerfish

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