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ANIMALIA; CHORDATA; GNATHOSTOMATA (Jawed Vertebrates); PISCES; OSTEICHTHYES; Tetraodontiformes; Tetraodontoidei; Balistoidea [Vertebrates; Bony Fishes]
BALISTIDAE (Triggerfish)
Enlarged Image of 'Balistapus undulatus'

Orangestriped Triggerfish Balistapus undulatus Kōkiri Tavake (AT)
Other Names: Orange-lined Triggerfish, Undulate Triggerfish, Red-lined Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: Kokiri Tavake (AT), Kokiri (MT TW), Kokiri (PL), Kokili (TS), Kokiri Manu (MH), Umulenga (PK), Other Polynesian: Oiri Panitoro (TAH)
Other Names: German: Orangestreifen-Drückerfisch; French: Baliste Strié, Baliste Vent, Baliste Ondule
Synonyms: Balistes undulatus

Enlarged Image of 'Balistoides conspicullum'

Clown Triggerfish Balistoides conspicullum
Other Names: Big-spotted Triggerfish, Yellow-blotched Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: French: Baliste-clown
Synonyms: Balistes conspicillum

Enlarged Image of 'Balistoides viridescens'

Moustache Triggerfish Balistoides viridescens Kōkiri Tua (AK)
Other Names: Mustache Triggerfish [USA spelling], Dotty Triggerfish, Yellow-head Triggerfish, Titan Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: Kokiri (AT MK MT), Kokiri Tua (AK), Kokili / Kokili < Sumu (TS), Kokiri / Kokiri < Sumu (TW), Molokuo (PK), Other Polynesian: Oiri Pao (TAH), Oiri Paga (TUA), Uma (MQ, GM)
Other Names: German: Grüner Riesen-Drückerfisch; French: Baliste Olivâtre, Baliste à Tête Jaune, Baliste à Mousta
Synonyms: Balistes viridescens; Pseudobalistes viridescens

Enlarged Image of 'Canthidermis maculatus'

Rough Triggerfish Canthidermis maculatus
Other Names: Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Schneeflocken-Drückerfisch; French: Baliste Moucheté, Baliste Rude
Synonyms: Balistes maculatus; Canthidermis maculata

Enlarged Image of 'Melichthys niger'

Black Triggerfish Melichthys niger Kōkiri Kerekere (MK)
Other Names: Black Durgon
Other Traditional Names: Kokiri (AT), Kokiri Kerekere (MK MT TW), Kokili Kelekele (TS), Kili (PK), Other Polynesian: Oiri Rauape (TAH)
Other Names: German: Schwarzer-Drückerfisch; French: Baliste Noir
Synonyms: Balistes niger

Enlarged Image of 'Melichthys vidua'

Pinktail Triggerfish Melichthys vidua Kōkiri Iku-tea
Other Names: White-tailed Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: Kokiri Iku-tea (RR), Kokiri (AT), Kokiri Tua (MK), Kokili Kelekele (TS), Kokiri Kerekere (TW), Kokiri Vanangatea (MH), Yikutea (PK), Other Polynesian: Oiri Aero Uouo (TAH)
Other Names: German: Witwen-Drückerfisch; French: Baliste à Queue Rose
Synonyms: Balistes vidua

Enlarged Image of 'Odonus niger'

Redtooth Triggerfish Odonus niger
Other Names: Redtooth Triggerfish, Blue Triggerfish, Redfang Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Rotzahn-Drückerfisch; French: Baliste Bleu, Baliste à Dents Rouges
Synonyms: Xenodon (Balistes) niger

Enlarged Image of 'Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus'

Yellowmargin Triggerfish Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus Molokuo (PK)
Other Names: YellowMargin Triggerfish, Yellowface Triggerfish, Green Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: Molokuo (PK)
Other Names: French: Baliste Géant, Bliste Ponctué
Synonyms: Balistes flavimarginatus

Enlarged Image of 'Pseudobalistes fuscus'

Blue Triggerfish Pseudobalistes fuscus Kōkiri
Other Names: Yellow-spotted Triggerfish, Rippled Triggerfish, Blue-and-gold Triggerfish, Blue-lined Triggerfish, Yellow-spotted Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: Kokiri (AT), Other Polynesian: Oiri Utaro (TAH)
Other Names: German: Blaustreifen-Drückerfisch; French: Baliste à Rides Bleues, Baliste Jaune et Bleu
Synonyms: Balistes fuscus

Enlarged Image of 'Rhinecanthus aculeatus'

Picasso Triggerfish Rhinecanthus aculeatus Kōkiri Toka
Other Names: Whitebanded Triggerfish, Painted Triggerfish, Clear Picasso-Triggerfish, Black-bar Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: Kokiri Toka (RR), Kokiri (MG MT AK), Kokiri Popopia (AT), Kokiri Ngaoa (MK), Kokiri Kaimanu (PL), Kokili / Kokili Tea (TS), Kokiri / Kokiri Tea (TW), Kokiri Tea (MH), Kokiri Vanangatea (RK), Kokili / Kokili Alo (PK), Other Polynesian: Oiri Uouo (TAH)
Other Names: German: Gemeiner-Picassodrücker; French: Baliste Picasso Clair, Baliste Picasso
Synonyms: Balistapus aculeatus; Balistes aculeatus

Enlarged Image of 'Rhinecanthus lunula'

Halfmoon Picassofish Rhinecanthus lunula
Other Names: Cresent Triggerfish, Halfmoon Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: French: Baliste Picasso Demi-lune
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Rhinecanthus rectangulus'

Wedge Picassofish Rhinecanthus rectangulus Kōkiri Tua
Other Names: Wedge-tail Triggerfish, Rectangle Triggerfish, Dark Picasso-Triggerfish, Patchy Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: Kokiri Tua (RR), Kokiri (MG AT MT TW), Kokiri Kutukutu (MK), Kokiri (AK), Kokili (TS), Kokili Tua / Kokili Tauiaelo (PK), Other Polynesian: Oiri Uouo (TAH)
Other Names: German: Keil-Picassodrücker; French: Baliste Picasso à Bandeau Noir, Baliste à Triangle, Picasso Noi
Synonyms: Balistapus rectangulus; Balistes rectangulus

Enlarged Image of 'Sufflamen bursa'

Scythe Triggerfish Sufflamen bursa Kōkiri Humu (MH)
Other Names: Keel Triggerfish, Boomerang Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: Kokiri (MK MT TW), Kokili (TS), Kokiri Humu (MH), Kokili Moana (PK), Other Polynesian: Oiri (TAH)
Other Names: German: Bumerang-Drückerfisch; French: Baliste Carène, Baliste à Ligne Blanche, Baliste Boomerang
Synonyms: Balistes bursa; Hemibalistes bursa

Enlarged Image of 'Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus'

Bluelined Triggerfish Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus Kōkiri
Other Names: Blueline Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: Kokiri (AT), Yimu (PK)
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Xanthichthys mento'

Crosshatch Triggerfish Xanthichthys mento
Other Names: Blue Cheekline Triggerfish, Blue-throat Triggerfish, Redtail Triggerfish
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Tiefsee-Drückerfisch; French: Baliste à Contre-hachures, Baliste à Queue Rouge
Synonyms: Balistes mento

Enlarged Image of 'Aluterus scriptus'

Scribbled Filefish Aluterus scriptus Kalevaleva (MG)
Other Names: Scrawled Leatherjacket, Scrawled Filefish, Figured Leatherjacket, Broomtail Filefish
Other Traditional Names: Karevareva (MG TW), Kokiri Pareva (AT), Pareva (MT), Peueue (AK), Kalevaleva (TS), Kalevaleva (PK), Other Polynesian: Pareva (TAH)
Other Names: German: Schrift-Feilenfisch; French: Poisson-lime Gribouillé, Bourse-écriture
Synonyms: Alutera scripta; Balistes scriptus; Monacanthus scriptus; Osbeckia scripta

Enlarged Image of 'Amanses scopas'

Broom Filefish Amanses scopas
Other Names: Brush-sided Leatherjacket
Other Traditional Names: Walala (PK)
Other Names: French: Poisson-lime Balai
Synonyms: Balistes scopas

Enlarged Image of 'Cantherhines dumerilii'

Barred Filefish Cantherhines dumerilii Kōkiri Papae
Other Names: Yelloweye Leatherjacket, Vagabond Filefish, Orange-fin File, Whitespotted Filefish
Other Traditional Names: Kokiri Papae (RR), Kokiri Paa (MG), Kokiri Pareva (AT), Pareva / Kareva (MK), Pareva (MT), Peueue (AK), Kokiri Papai (PL), Kokili (TS), Kokiri (TW), Walala (PK)
Other Names: German: Gelbschwanz-Feilenfisch; French: Monacanthe Rayé, Bourse à Taches Blanches
Synonyms: Cantherhines dumerili; Monacanthus dumerilii

Enlarged Image of 'Cantherhines longicaudus'

Polynesian Filefish Cantherhines longicaudus
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Cantherhines sandwichiensis'

Squaretail Filefish Cantherhines sandwichiensis
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

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