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ANIMALIA; CHORDATA; GNATHOSTOMATA (Jawed Vertebrates); PISCES; OSTEICHTHYES; Perciformes; Gobioidei [Vertebrates; Bony Fishes]
Enlarged Image of 'Stiphodon elegans'

Brokenline Goby Stiphodon elegans
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: Sicydium elegans

Enlarged Image of 'Stiphodon n.sp.Watson'

Latticed Goby Stiphodon n.sp.Watson
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Trimmatom  eviotops'

Red-barred Rubble Goby Trimmatom eviotops
Other Names: Blue-barred Dwarfgoby
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: Trimma eviotops

Enlarged Image of 'Valenciennea sexguttata'

Sixspot Goby Valenciennea sexguttata
Other Names: Ladder Goby
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Blaupunkt-Schläfergrundel; French: Gobie à Six Taches
Synonyms: Eleotriodes sexguttata; Eleotris sexguttata; Valenciennea sexguttatus

Enlarged Image of 'Valenciennea strigata'

Bluestreak Goby Valenciennea strigata
Other Names: Blueband Goby, Pennant Glider, Watchman Goby
Other Traditional Names: Kalaea (TS), Karaea (TW), Other Polynesian: Avaava (TAH)
Other Names: German: Goldstirn-Schläfergrundel; French: Gobie à Raie Bleue
Synonyms: Eleotriodes strigatus; Gobius strigatus; Valenciennea strigatus

MICRODESMIDAE, Ptereleotrinae (Dartfish)
Enlarged Image of 'Nemateleotris helfrichi'

Helfrichs's Dartfish Nemateleotris helfrichi
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Helfrichs Schwertgrundel; French: Poisson-fléchette de Helfrich
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Nemateleotris magnifica'

Fire Dartfish Nemateleotris magnifica
Other Names: Fire Goby, Firefish
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Feuer-Schwertgrundel; French: Eleotris Magnifique, Poisson de Feu
Synonyms: Nemateleotris magnificus

Enlarged Image of 'Ptereleotris evides'

Blackfin Dartfish Ptereleotris evides
Other Names: Twotone Dartfish, Spottail Gudgeon, Tricolor Goby
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Scherenschwanz-Torpedogrundel; French: Eleotris à Trois Couleurs
Synonyms: Encaeura evides

Enlarged Image of 'Ptereleotris heteroptera'

Spot-tail Dartfish Ptereleotris heteroptera
Other Names: Pale Gudgeon, Spottail Dartfish
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Ptereleotris microlepis'

Pearly Dartfish Ptereleotris microlepis
Other Names: Pale Dartfish, Blue Gudgeon, Green Goby
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Perlen-Torpedogrundel; French: Goujon Bleu, Poisson-fléchette Nacré
Synonyms: Eleotris microlepis

Enlarged Image of 'Ptereleotris zebra'

Zebra Dartfish Ptereleotris zebra
Other Names: Chinese Zebra Goby, Zebra Goby
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Zebra-Torpedogrundel; French: Poisson-fléchette Zébré
Synonyms: Pogonoculius zebra

ANIMALIA; CHORDATA; GNATHOSTOMATA (Jawed Vertebrates); PISCES; OSTEICHTHYES; Perciformes; Acanthuroidei [Vertebrates; Bony Fishes]
EPHIPPIDAE (Spadefish)
Enlarged Image of 'Platax orbicularis'

Circular Spadefish Platax orbicularis
Other Names: Circular Spadefish, Batfish, Circular Spadefish Batfish, Orbiculate Batfish, Orbicular Batfish
Other Traditional Names: Lepa [ID?] (TS), Repa [ID?] (TW), Other Polynesian: Paraha Peue (TAH), Paraha Parue (TAH-L)
Other Names: German: Rundkopf-Fledermausfisch; French: Poule d'Eau, Rousette, Poisson-lune
Synonyms: Chaetodon orbicularis

SIGANIDAE (Rabbitfish)
Enlarged Image of 'Siganus argenteus'

Forktail Rabbitfish Siganus argenteus Mōrava (AK)
Other Names: Streamlined Spinefoot, Streaked Spinefoot, Spotted Rabbitfish, Forktail Rabbitfish
Other Traditional Names: Pipiriri < Maemae < Morava (RR), Kao < Morava (MG), Piriri < Maemae < Mae (AT), Pipiriri < Maemae < Morava (MK), Maemae (MT PL TS TW), Morava (AK), Malava (PK), Other Polynesian: Marava (TAH)
Other Names: German: Silber-Kaninchenfisch; French: Poisson-lapin Argenté, Picot Gris, Sigan Vermiculé
Synonyms: Amphacanthus argenteus; Teuthis argentea

Enlarged Image of 'Siganus spinus'

Scribbled Rabbitfish Siganus spinus Maemae (AK)
Other Names: Spiny Rabbitfish, Little Spinefoot, Striped Rabbitfish, Scribbled spinefoot
Other Traditional Names: Pipiriri < Maemae < Morava (RR), Piripiriri < Tutae Nui < Maemae (MG), Piriri < Maemae < Mae (AT), Maemae (MT AK), Molava (TS), Morava (TW), Malava (PK), Other Polynesian: Paauara (TAH)
Other Names: German: Stachliger Kaninchenfisch; French: Poisson-lapin Rayé, Petit Sigan
Synonyms: Sparus spinus

ZANCLIDAE (Moorish Idol)
Enlarged Image of 'Zanclus cornutus'

Moorish Idol Zanclus cornutus Taputapu Reva
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: Taputapu Reva (RR), Tiitii Apai-reva (MG), Taputapu (AT), Taputapu / Ika Puaka (MK), Tutae Puaka (MT), Rereau (AK), Tihitihi? Tiitii? (PL), Titi Lahau (TS), Titi Rahau (TW), Tihitihi Rahae (MH RK), Luluau (PK NS), Other Polynesian: Paraha Tore (TAH)
Other Names: German: Halfterfisch; French: Idole Maure, Porte-enseigne, Zancle, Cocher Blanch
Synonyms: Chaetodon cornutus; Zanclus canescens

ACANTHURIDAE, Acanthurinae (Surgeonfish)
Enlarged Image of 'Acanthurus achilles'

Achilles Tang Acanthurus achilles ‘Iku-toto
Other Names: Redspot Surgeonfish, Redtail Surgeonfish
Other Traditional Names: Iku-toto (RR MT), Api Tuitui (MG), Iku Toto (AT), Ikutoto (MK), Ikutoto / Tuitui (AK), Shukutoto (PL), Siku Toto (TS TW), Iku Toto (MH), Pulayikutoto (PK), Other Polynesian: Meha (TAH), Pakurakura (TUA), Paahua / Parai (MQA)
Other Names: German: Orangen-Doktorfish; French: Chirurgien à Tache Rouge, Chirurgien à Queue Rouge, Chirurgien d
Synonyms: Hepatus achilles; Teuthis achilles

Enlarged Image of 'Acanthurus albipectoralis'

Acanthurus albipectoralis
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: Ma (PK)
Other Names: French: Chirurgien à Pectorale Blanche
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Acanthurus blochii'

Ringtail Surgeonfish Acanthurus blochii Maito Parangi
Other Names: Tailring Surgeonfish, Whitetail Lancet
Other Traditional Names: Maito Parangi (RR), Parangi (MG TW), Maito (AT MT), Aari (AK), Palangi (PL TS), Pararo? Paparangi? (MH), Ma / Ma < Palangi (PK), Other Polynesian: Parai Oturi (TAH)
Other Names: German: Ringschwanz-Doktorfish; French: Chirurgien à Anneau Blanc
Synonyms: Acanthurus mata

Enlarged Image of 'Acanthurus dussumieri'

Eyestripe Surgeonfish Acanthurus dussumieri Maito Tuitui
Other Names: Dussumier's Surgeonfish, Pencilled Surgeonfish
Other Traditional Names: Maito Tuitui (RR), Maito (MK MT), Aari (AK), Ma (PK)
Other Names: German: Blauschwanz-Doktorfish; French: Chirurgien Hawaïen, Chirurgien Couronné
Synonyms: Hepatus dussumieri; Rhombotides dussumieri; Teuthis dussumieri

Enlarged Image of 'Acanthurus guttatus'

Whitespotted Surgeonfish Acanthurus guttatus Api
Other Names: Mustard Surgeonfish, Spotted Surgeonfish, Spotted Tang
Other Traditional Names: Api (RR AT MK MT PL TS TW MH), Api Pua-au (MG), Apiapi (AK), Maono / Maono Uli (PK), Other Polynesian: Api (TAH), Kikito (TUA), Api-api (MQA)
Other Names: German: Brandungs-Doktorfish; French: Chirurgien Moucheté, Chirurgien Moutarde
Synonyms: Hepatus guttatus; Harpurus guttatus; Rhombotides guttatus; Teuthis guttatus; Zebrasoma guttatus

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