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Enlarged Image of 'Hernandia moerenhoutiana'

Hernandia moerenhoutiana
Mountain Lantern-tree

Enlarged Image of 'Macropiper latifolium'

Macropiper latifolium

Enlarged Image of 'Ficus tinctoria'

Ficus tinctoria
Dye Fig

Enlarged Image of 'Leucosyke corymbulosa'

Leucosyke corymbulosa

Enlarged Image of 'Pilea nummulariifolia'

Pilea nummulariifolia
Creeping Charlie

Enlarged Image of 'Boerhavia tetrandra'

Boerhavia tetrandra
Boerhavia tetrandra
Runa (AT)

Enlarged Image of 'Charpentiera australis'

Charpentiera australis
Southern Charpentiera

Enlarged Image of 'Elaeocarpus tonganus'

Elaeocarpus tonganus
Polynesian Elaeocarpus
Karaka Rarotonga*

Enlarged Image of 'Muntingia calabura'

Muntingia calabura
Panama Berry
Venevene (PN)

Enlarged Image of 'Abelmoschus manihot'

Abelmoschus manihot
Spinach Hibiscus
Rūkau Vītī

Enlarged Image of 'Hibiscus tiliaceus'

Hibiscus tiliaceus
Tree Hibiscus

Enlarged Image of 'Malvaviscus arboreus'

Malvaviscus arboreus
Sleeping Hibiscus
Kaute Moe (AT)

Enlarged Image of 'Barringtonia asiatica'

Barringtonia asiatica

Enlarged Image of 'Couroupita guianensis'

Couroupita guianensis
Cannonball Tree

Enlarged Image of 'Homalium acuminatum'

Homalium acuminatum
Cook Islands Homalium

Enlarged Image of 'Passiflora edulis'

Passiflora edulis
Purple Passionfruit
Pārapōtini Papa‘ā

Displaying results 1 to 20 of 110 found
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