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ANIMALIA; CHORDATA; GNATHOSTOMATA (Jawed Vertebrates); PISCES; OSTEICHTHYES; Perciformes; Percoidei; Percoidea [Vertebrates; Bony Fishes]
SERRANIDAE, Epinephelinae (Sea Bass, Grouper)
Enlarged Image of 'Cephalopholis aurantia'

Golden Hind Cephalopholis aurantia
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: Lali (PK)
Other Names: French: Vielle Dorée
Synonyms: Cephalopholis analis; Cephalopholis aurantius; Serranus aurantius

Enlarged Image of 'Cephalopholis igarashiensis'

Goldbar Grouper Cephalopholis igarashiensis Palu Matapupula (PK)
Other Names: Garish Hind
Other Traditional Names: Yengayenga (PK)
Other Names: French: Vielle Voyante
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Cephalopholis leopardus'

Leopard Hind Cephalopholis leopardus
Other Names: Leopard Grouper
Other Traditional Names: Mataele (PK)
Other Names: French: Vieille Léopard, Mérou Fauve
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Cephalopholis polleni'

Harlequin Hind Cephalopholis polleni
Other Names: Polleni Grouper
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: French: Vielle arlequin
Synonyms: Epinephelus polleni

Enlarged Image of 'Cephalopholis sexmaculata'

Sixspot Grouper Cephalopholis sexmaculata
Other Names: Cave Grouper, Six-barred Gouper, Blood Sea-Bass, Freckled Rockcod, Six-banded Grouper
Other Traditional Names: Vaelo (TS), Vaero (TW), Lali Tua (PK), Other Polynesian: Rari (TAH), Tukorokoro (TUA)
Other Names: German: Sechsstreifen-Zackenbarsch; French: Vielle à Six Taches
Synonyms: Cephalopholis sexmaculatus; Serranus sexmaculatus

Enlarged Image of 'Cephalopholis sonnerati'

Tomato Grouper Cephalopholis sonnerati
Other Names: Tomato Rockcod
Other Traditional Names: Vaelo (TS), Vaero (TW)
Other Names: German: Tomaten-Zackenbarsch; French: Vielle Ananas
Synonyms: Serranus sonnerati

Enlarged Image of 'Cephalopholis spiloparaea'

Strawberry Grouper Cephalopholis spiloparaea Rari (MG)
Other Names: Strawberry Hind, Strawberry Rockcod, Orange-red Pigmy-Grouper
Other Traditional Names: Rari (MG PL), Rari (AT), atea (AK), Vaelo (TS), Vaero (TW), Piopio (PK)
Other Names: German: Erdbeer-Zackenbarsch; French: Vielle Fraise
Synonyms: Serranus spiloparaeus

Enlarged Image of 'Cephalopholis urodeta'

Flagtail Grouper Cephalopholis urodeta Rari (MG)
Other Names: Flagtail Rockcod, Banded-tail Coral-cod, Flagtailed Sea-Bass, Dark-finned Hind
Other Traditional Names: Rari (MG), Rari (AT MK), Vaelo (TS), Vaero (TW), Piopio (PK), Other Polynesian: Nohunohu Tarao (TAH), Revi (MQA)
Other Names: German: Feuer-Zackenbarsch; French: Vieille Aile Noire, Loche Urodèle
Synonyms: Cephalopholis urodelus; Perca urodeta

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus areolatus'

Areolate Grouper Epinephelus areolatus
Other Names: Squaretail Grouper, Squaretail Rockcod, Areolate Rockcod
Other Traditional Names: Talao? / Wonu Talao? (PK)
Other Names: German: Polygon-Wabenbarsch; French: Mérou ou Loche Auréolée
Synonyms: Perca areolata

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus fasciatus'

Blacktip Grouper Epinephelus fasciatus ‘Ātea
Other Names: Blacktipped Grouper, Blacktip Rockcod, Blacktipped Rockcod, Scarlet Sea-Bass, Footballer Cod, Red-banded Grouper
Other Traditional Names: atea (RR MG AT MK MT AK), Atea (PL), Lali (PK), Other Polynesian: Tarao Matapuu (TAH), Taaiao (MQA)
Other Names: German: Baskenmützen-Zackenbarsch; French: Mérou Oriflamme, Loche Rouge
Synonyms: Perca fasciata; Plectropoma fasciata

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus hexagonatus'

Hexagon Grouper Epinephelus hexagonatus Pātuki Paru
Other Names: Hexagon Rockcod, White Speckled Rockcod, Orange Sea-Bass, Starspotted Grouper
Other Traditional Names: Patuki / Patuki Paru < Patuki Tarao (RR), Karakarau (MG), Marau (AT MK MT), Mokeu (AK), Paremo / Tarao? (PL), Veve (TS TW), Paremo / Tarao? (MH), Paremo / Tarao? (RK), Eve (PK NS), Other Polynesian: Tarao Aau (TAH), Kokotika (TUA), Taaiao / Teeiao (MQA), Ako (MVA)
Other Names: German: Weisspunkt-Wabenbarsch; French: Mérou Melifère, Loche à Hexagones
Synonyms: Holocentrus hexagonatus; Serranus hexagonatus

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus lanceolatus'

Giant Grouper Epinephelus lanceolatus Urutuki?
Other Names: Queensland Grouper, Brindlebass, Giant Jewfish, Brindle Grouper
Other Traditional Names: Urutuki? (RR), Tonu (MG MT), Marau < Kauaroa < Tarao < Tonu (AT), Tonu Marau Tonu Patuki Tonu Roi Tonu Koina (MK), Tonu Taraoa-roi [or] Tonu Paratuki [?ID] (AK), Ulutuki (TS), Urutuki (TW MH), Patuki-wala (PK), Other Polynesian: Hapuu Reru (TAH), Kito Reru (TUA), Peti'I (MQA)
Other Names: German: Dunkler Riesenzackenbarsch; French: Loche Géante, Mérou Lancéolé
Synonyms: Holocentrus lanceolatus; Promicrops lanceolatus; Serranus lanceolatus

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus macrospilos'

Snubnose Grouper Epinephelus macrospilos Talāo (PK)
Other Names: Snubnose Rockcod
Other Traditional Names: Talao? (PK)
Other Names: French: Mérou Tapis
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus maculatus'

Highfin Grouper Epinephelus maculatus
Other Names: Trout Cod, Spotted Grouper, High-fin Grouper
Other Traditional Names: Haloa (TS), Haroa (TW)
Other Names: German: Hochflossen-Zackenbarsch; French: Mérou Haute Voile, Loche Uitoe
Synonyms: Holocentrus maculatus

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus melanostigma'

Blackspot Grouper Epinephelus melanostigma
Other Names: Blackspot Honeycomb Grouper, One Blotch Grouper, One Blotch Rock Cod
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: French: Mérou Dossard, Loche Ponctuée
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus merra'

Honeycomb Grouper Epinephelus merra Pātuki Paru
Other Names: Dwarf Spotted Rockcod, Honeycomb Sea-Bass
Other Traditional Names: Patuki / Patuki Paru < Patuki Tarao (RR), Karakarau (MG), Marau (AT MK), Marau Vavaanga < Tarao < Tonu [?sp] (MT), Taraoa (AK), Paremo / Tarao? (PL), Tolo (TS), Toro (TW), Paremo / Tarao? (MH), Paremo / Tarao? (RK), Talao / Talao < Wonu Talao (PK NS), Other Polynesian: Tarao Maraurau (TAH), Petia (TAH-L), Veve (TUA)
Other Names: German: Merra-Wabenbarsch,; French: Mérou Gâteau de Cire, Loche Rayon de Miel
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus miliaris'

Netfin Grouper Epinephelus miliaris
Other Names: Netfin Rockcod, Netfin Groper
Other Traditional Names: Katakata (PK)
Other Names: French: Mérou Abeille
Synonyms: Epinephelus dictyophorus; Epinephelus diktiophorus; Serranus miliaris

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus morrhua'

Comet Grouper Epinephelus morrhua Punga (PN)
Other Names: Blue Grouper, Comet Grouper, Snakeskin Sea-Bass
Other Traditional Names: apuka? / Mataroa? (PL), Punga (TS TW)
Other Names: French: Mérou Comète
Synonyms: Serranus morrhua

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus polyphekadion'

Marbled Grouper Epinephelus polyphekadion Hāpuku (PN)
Other Names: Camouflage Grouper, Camouflage Rockcod, Marbled Sea-Bass, Small-toothed Rockcod
Other Traditional Names: apuku [ID?] (AT), apuku (MT), Hapuku (TS TW), Wapuku (PK), Other Polynesian: Hapuu (TAH), Kito (TUA), Haoa (MQA), Hapuku (MVA)
Other Names: German: Getarnter Zackenbarsch; French: Mérou Camouflage
Synonyms: Epinephelus microdon; Serranus polyphekadion

Enlarged Image of 'Epinephelus socialis'

Surge Grouper Epinephelus socialis Kō‘ina (AK)
Other Names: Tidepool Grouper, White-dotted Grouper, Leopard Sea-Bass
Other Traditional Names: Karau Tapairu (MG), Marau (AT), Marau Koina (MK), Koina / Koina < Ngatara (MT), Koina (AK), Ngatara (PL TW), Ngatala (TS), Unaliki (PK), Other Polynesian: Atara (TAH), Apia / Garea (TUA), Hapuku (G)
Other Names: German: Brandungs-Zackenbarsch; French: Mérou Houleux, Loche Léopard
Synonyms: Serranus socialis

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