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ANIMALIA; CHORDATA; GNATHOSTOMATA (Jawed Vertebrates); PISCES; OSTEICHTHYES; Perciformes; Percoidei; Percoidea [Vertebrates; Bony Fishes]
APOGONIDAE, Apogoninae (Cardinalfish)
Enlarged Image of 'Apogon exostigma'

Eyeshadow Cardinalfish Apogon exostigma
Other Names: Narrowstripe Cardinalfish, Narrow-stripe Cardinalfish, One-lined Cardinalfish
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Apogon kallopterus'

Iridescent Cardinalfish Apogon kallopterus ‘Ō‘ō
Other Names: Spinycheek Cardinalfish, Spinyhead Cardinalfish
Other Traditional Names: oo (RR MT)
Other Names: German: Gelbflossen-Kardinal; French: Apogon Irisé
Synonyms: Apogon synderi

Enlarged Image of 'Apogon nigrofasciatus'

Blackstripe Cardinalfish Apogon nigrofasciatus ‘Ō‘ō
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: oo (RR AT MK MT AK)
Other Names: French: Apogon à Rayures Noires
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Apogon novemfasciatus'

Sevenstripe Cardinalfish Apogon novemfasciatus ‘Ō‘ō
Other Names: Sevenstriped Cardinalfish, Nine-banded Cardinalfish
Other Traditional Names: oo (RR), Yoyala (PK)
Other Names: German: Siebenstreifen-Kardinal; French: Apogon à Sept Lignes
Synonyms: Lovamia novemfasciatus

Enlarged Image of 'Apogon taeniopterus'

Bandfin Cardinalfish Apogon taeniopterus ‘Ō‘ō
Other Names: Belted Cardinalfish
Other Traditional Names: oo (RR MG MK MT), Other Polynesian: Upaparu (TAH)
Other Names: German: Streifenflossen-Kardinal; French: Apogon à Nageoires Rayées
Synonyms: Apogon menesemus

Enlarged Image of 'Cheilodipterus artus'

Cheilodipterus artus
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Cheilodipterus macrodon'

Largetoothed Cardinalfish Cheilodipterus macrodon ‘Ō‘ō
Other Names: Tiger Cardinalfish, Eight-lined Cardinalfish
Other Traditional Names: oo (RR AT MK AK), Yoyala (PK), Other Polynesian: Upaparu (TAH)
Other Names: German: Tiger-Kardinal; French: Apogon à Grandes Dents
Synonyms: Centropomus macrodon

Enlarged Image of 'Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus'

Fiveline Cardinalfish Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus ‘Ō‘ō
Other Names: Sharptooth Cardinalfish
Other Traditional Names: oo (RR MK)
Other Names: German: Fünflinien-Kardinal,; French: Apogon à Cinq Lignes
Synonyms: Paramia quinquelineata

MALACANTHIDAE, Malacanthinae (Tilefish, Sand Tilefish)
Enlarged Image of 'Hoplolatilus starcki'

Purplehead Tilefish Hoplolatilus starcki
Other Names: Blue Tilefish, Purple-headed Sand-Tilefish, Stark's Tilefish
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Pfeilchenkopf-Torpedobarsch; French: Poisson Couvreur à Tête Mauve
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Malacanthus brevirostris'

Quakerfish Malacanthus brevirostris
Other Names: Flagtail Blanquillo, Banded Blanquillo
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Gestreifter Torpedobarsch; French: Poisson Couvreur à Court, Matajuel nez Court
Synonyms: Malacanthus hoedtii

Enlarged Image of 'Malacanthus latovittatus'

Striped Blanquillo Malacanthus latovittatus
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: Tauono (TS TW)
Other Names: French: Malacanthe Bleu, Malacanthe à Large Raie
Synonyms: Labrus latovittatus; Oceanops latovittatus; Taenianotus latovittatus

Enlarged Image of 'Malacanthus species (CB)'

Malacanthus species (CB)
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: Talitaliuli (PK)
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Echeneis naucrates'

Sharksucker Echeneis naucrates Taritari Uri
Other Names: Slender Sharksucker, White-tailed Remora, Live Sharksucker
Other Traditional Names: Taritari Uri (RR AK), Taritari (MG), Taritari Uriuri (AT MK MT TW), Talitali Uliuli (TS), Talitaliuli (PK), Other Polynesian: Tiatiauri (TAH)
Other Names: German: Hai-Schiffshalter; French: Rémora Commun
Synonyms: Leptecheneis naucrates

Enlarged Image of 'Remora remora'

Remora Remora remora Talitaliuli (PK)
Other Names: Common Remora
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Remora-Schiffshalter; French: Rémora
Synonyms: Echeneis remora

Enlarged Image of 'Coryphaena hippurus'

Dolphinfish Coryphaena hippurus Ma‘ima‘i
Other Names: Common Dolphinfish, Dolphin [unfortunate misnomer], Dorado
Other Traditional Names: Maimai (RR MG MT AK), Maimai (AT MK), Mahimahi (PL TS TW), Kanakanalangi (PK), Other Polynesian: Mahimahi (TAH)
Other Names: French: Coryphène Commune
Synonyms: -

CARANGIDAE, Trachinotinae (Jack)
Enlarged Image of 'Trachinotus baillonii'

Smallspotted Pompano Trachinotus baillonii Rai (NGA)
Other Names: Black-spotted Dart, Smallspot Pompano, Silver Pompano
Other Traditional Names: Rai (MG), Rai (AT MK MT), Ririona (AK), Kaoke (PL), Soke (TS TW), Kahoke (MH), Yoke (PK), Other Polynesian: Papio (TAH), Hoka (TUA), Hoki (MQA)
Other Names: German: Flecken-Pompano; French: Poisson-manège, Trachnote à Points Noirs, Pompaneau Muscadin
Synonyms: Caesiomorus baillonii; Trachynotus baillonii

Enlarged Image of 'Trachinotus blochii'

Silver Pompano Trachinotus blochii
Other Names: Buck-nosed Trevally, Goldfin Permit, Moonfish, Snubnosed Pompano, Snubnosed Dart
Other Traditional Names: Yoke (PK)
Other Names: French: Trachinote de Bloch, Pompaneau Lune
Synonyms: Caesiomorus blochii

CARANGIDAE, Scomberoidinae (Jack)
Enlarged Image of 'Scomberoides lysan'

Leatherback Scomberoides lysan Rai
Other Names: Doublespotted Queenfish, Blacktip Queenfish, Lae / Lai, Leatherback
Other Traditional Names: Rai (RR AT MK MT AK PL TW), Rai (MG), Lai (TS PK), Other Polynesian: Rai (TAH), Kohioa (TUA), Aiai / Pakakai (MQA), Rai-rai (MVA)
Other Names: German: Doppelpunkt-Makrele; French: Maquereau Chevalier, Carangue Leurre, Sauteur Sabre
Synonyms: Scomber lysan; LIchia lysan; Chorinemus lysan

CARANGIDAE, Naucratinae (Jack)
Enlarged Image of 'Elagatis bipinnulata'

Rainbow Runner Elagatis bipinnulata Rōroa
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: Roroa (RR MG TW), anuanua (AT), ooveo (MK), oveoveo (MT), Roroa (PL), Loloa (TS), Kamai (PK), Other Polynesian: Roeroe / Oroe (TAH)
Other Names: German: Regenbogen-Makrele; French: Coureur Arc-en-ciel, Comète Saumon
Synonyms: Elagatis bipinnulatus; Micropteryx bipinnulatus; Seriola bipinnulata

Enlarged Image of 'Naucrates ductor'

Pilotfish Naucrates ductor Taritari Uri (AK)
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: Taritari (MG), Taritari Uriuri (MK MT), Taritari Uri (AK), Other Polynesian: Uri (TAH)
Other Names: German: Pilotfisch; French: Poisson-pilote
Synonyms: Gasterosteus ductor

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