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PLANTAE; ANTHOPHYTA (=Angiospermae); MAGNOLIOPSIDA (=Dicotyledones); CARYOPHYLLIDAE; Caryophyllales [Vascular Plants; Flowering Plants; Dicots]
Enlarged Image of 'Alternanthera tenella cvs.'

Calico Plant Alternanthera tenella cvs.
Other Names: Joyweed, Yellow Calico-plant, Red Calico-plant
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: Alternanthera tenella 'Bettzickiana'; Alternanthera bettzickiana; Alternanthera ficoidea

Enlarged Image of 'Alternanthera aff. SUE1'

Variegated Alternanthera Alternanthera aff. SUE1
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Amaranthus viridis'

Slender Amaranth Amaranthus viridis Va‘ine ‘Ara
Other Names: Green Amaranth
Other Traditional Names: Vaine Ara (RR AT MK AK), Puekao (MT)
Synonyms: Amaranthus gracilis Desf.

Enlarged Image of 'Amaranthus species (PGardner)'

Upright white/purple tail Amaranthus species (PGardner)
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Celosia argentea'

Celosia Celosia argentea
Other Names: Red Fox, Foxtail Amaranth, Crested Celosia, Cockscomb Celosia, Common Cockscomb, Feathered Celosia
Other Traditional Names: -, Other Polynesian: Mamoe (SAM)
Synonyms: Celosia argentea Flume Group; Celosia argentea plumosa; Celosia plumosa; Celosia argentea Cristata Group; Celosia argentea cristata; Celosia cristata

Enlarged Image of 'Charpentiera australis'

Southern Charpentiera Charpentiera australis
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Cyathula prostrata'

Cyathula Cyathula prostrata Mata Kura (MT?)
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: Mata Kura (MT)
Synonyms: Achyranthes prostrata

Enlarged Image of 'Gomphrena globosa'

Globe Amaranth Gomphrena globosa Pōkai Kura
Other Names: Bachelor's Button, Bozu Flower
Other Traditional Names: Pokai Kura (RR MG AT MK MT AK TW), Pokai Kula (TS), Other Polynesian: Malila (TON), Malila (SAM)
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Portulaca grandiflora'

Portulaca ornamental Portulaca grandiflora
Other Names: Eleven-o'clock, Rose Moss
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Portulaca lutea'

Pacific Pigweed Portulaca lutea Pōkea Muramura (MT)
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: Pokea ? (RR), Pokea (AT MK AK), Pokea Muramura (MT), Katuli (TS), Katuri (TW)
Synonyms: Portulaca johnii

Enlarged Image of 'Portulaca oleracea'

Weedy Pigweed Portulaca oleracea Pōkea Papa‘ā*
Other Names: Purslane, Asian Pigweed
Other Traditional Names: Pokea ? (RR), Pokea (AT MK AK), Katuli (TS), Katuri (TW), Ongo'ongo ?s (MH)
Other Names: French: Purslane
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Talinum paniculatum'

Pink Flameflower Talinum paniculatum Pī Mōrī (MK)
Other Names: Jewels-of-Opar, Black Root
Other Traditional Names: Pi (RR), Pi Mauke (MG AK), Pi Enua / Pi (AT), Pi Mori (MK), Pi Vai-rakau (MT), Tala Pi (TS), Tara Pi (TW)
Synonyms: Portulaca paniculatum; Talinum patens

Enlarged Image of 'Anredera cordifolia'

Madeira Vine Anredera cordifolia Tāpau (AT)
Other Names: Mignonette Vine
Other Traditional Names: Tapau / Pia (AT), Tapiripiri (MK)
Synonyms: Boussingaultia cordifolia; Boussingaultia gracilis; Boussingaultia basseloides

Enlarged Image of 'Basella alba'

Ceylon Spinach Basella alba
Other Names: Indian Spinach, Malabar Nightshade, Malabar Spinach
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: Basella rubra

PLANTAE; ANTHOPHYTA (=Angiospermae); MAGNOLIOPSIDA (=Dicotyledones); CARYOPHYLLIDAE; Polygonales [Vascular Plants; Flowering Plants; Dicots]
Enlarged Image of 'Antigonon leptopus'

Coral Vine Antigonon leptopus
Other Names: Bride's Tears, Chain-of-love Vine, Confederate Vine, Coralita, Mexican Creeper, Rosa de Montana, Pink Vine, Queen's Jewels
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Mexicanischer Knöterich; French: Lianne Corail
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Coccoloba uvifera'

Seagrape Coccoloba uvifera Venevene
Other Names: Platterleaf, Sea-grape, Jamaican Kino
Other Traditional Names: Venevene (RR MG PL TS TW), Menemene (MK AK), Venevene / Vine (MH)
Other Names: German: Meertraube
Synonyms: -

Enlarged Image of 'Homalocladium platycladium'

Ribbon Bush Homalocladium platycladium
Other Names: Tape Plant, Tapeworm Plant, Centipede Plant
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: Muehlenbeckia platycladium; Polygonum platycladium; Coccoloba platycladium

Enlarged Image of 'Polygonum glabra'

Polygonum Polygonum glabra Tāmore
Other Names: Smartweed
Other Traditional Names: Tamore (RR MG), Tamore (AT)
Synonyms: -

PLANTAE; ANTHOPHYTA (=Angiospermae); MAGNOLIOPSIDA (=Dicotyledones); CARYOPHYLLIDAE; Plumbaginales [Vascular Plants; Flowering Plants; Dicots]
Enlarged Image of 'Plumbago auriculata'

Plumbago Plumbago auriculata
Other Names: Cape Leadwort
Other Traditional Names: -
Other Names: German: Bleiwurz
Synonyms: Plumbago capensis

Enlarged Image of 'Plumbago zeylanica'

Wild Plumbago Plumbago zeylanica
Other Names: -
Other Traditional Names: -
Synonyms: -

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