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Enlarged Image of 'Clostridium tetani'

Clostridium tetani
Tetanus Bacteria

Enlarged Image of 'Pilea depressa'

Pilea depressa

Enlarged Image of 'Abelmoschus rugosus'

Abelmoschus rugosus
Red Musk-Mallow

Enlarged Image of 'Cassia roxburghii'

Cassia roxburghii
Rose Cassia

Enlarged Image of 'Pueraria phaseoloides'

Pueraria phaseoloides
Tropical Kudzu
Kūtū (AT)

Enlarged Image of 'Euphorbia neriifolia'

Euphorbia neriifolia
Indian Spurge Tree

Enlarged Image of 'Meryta pauciflora'

Meryta pauciflora
Rarotonga Meryta

Enlarged Image of 'Hoya australis'

Hoya australis
Wax Vine
Tiare ‘Aka‘ipo‘ipo (AT)

Enlarged Image of 'Pachystachys spicata'

Pachystachys spicata
Cardinal's Guard

Enlarged Image of 'Pseuderanthemum bicolor'

Pseuderanthemum bicolor

Enlarged Image of 'Mansoa hymenaea'

Mansoa hymenaea
Garlic-scented Vine

Enlarged Image of 'Podranea ricasoliana'

Podranea ricasoliana
Pink Trumpet Vine

Enlarged Image of 'Crinum xanthophyllum'

Crinum xanthophyllum
Golden-leaf Crinum-Lily

Enlarged Image of 'Dracaena deremensis cvs.'

Dracaena deremensis cvs.
Striped Dracaena

Enlarged Image of 'Satsumanus ornatellus'

Satsumanus ornatellus
Mountain Planthopper

Enlarged Image of 'Delphacodes ixion cf.'

Delphacodes ixion cf.
Delphacid Planthopper

Enlarged Image of 'Latistria placitus'

Latistria placitus
Whitestripe Delphacid Planthopper

Displaying results 1 to 20 of 32 found
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